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12 - 14 Wide Trailers for Sale

 Site No.  Trailer Details Price
1990 Royale 12 x 40 2 Bedrooms
Includes:  All items in trailer at viewing (BBQ, fridge, furniture, fireplace, patio set, lawn mower, kitchen fixtures, etc.)
Single owener, large lot.



2017 Northlander Escape with H & H Room/Deck 12 x 42
2 Bedroom with centre island
Includes:  All appliances, all furniture in trailer, A/C, Shed, Paver Driveway, TV and fireplace in trailer.
Not included:  All furnishings in H & H Room
Available now.


1998 Northlander Cottager Classic 12x40
Back bedroom, front den
Hard-top awning, premium site with double driveway
Includes: TV, DVD player, outdoor dining set, BBQ, outdoor rug and wicker furniture, most kitchen items, lawn mower, most items in shed (example: all appliances, mini-fridge), wood box
Excludes: wooden rocking chair, personal items, bikes, beach items and personal tools
Available: August 30th, 2019


1997 Nortthlander Classic 12 x 40 Back Bedroom, Front Den.  Replace roof 3 years ago
Includes:  daybed, tabel & chairs, cabinet, chair & couch, T.V., A/C, microwave, gazebos & shed.
Excluded:  Patio furniture, no outside table and chairs.


2008 Nortthlander Classic 14 x 39 -  3 Bedrooms, Large hard awning


2003 Northlander Classic 12 x 40  + Hard Awning
Back Bedroom, Front Den



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