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12 - 14 Wide Trailers for Sale

 Site No.  Trailer Details Price
1990 Royale 12 x 40 2 Bedrooms
Includes:  All items in trailer at viewing (BBQ, fridge, furniture, fireplace, patio set, lawn mower, kitchen fixtures, etc.)
Single owener, large lot.



1999 Nortthlander Classic 12 x 43 Hard Awning 32'
Back bedroom, front den
Sprinkler system, 45 foot deck, extra large bbq, large fire pit, wheel barrel, lawn tools.
Single owener, large lot.
Best Offer




1998 Northlander Cottager Classic 12x40
Back bedroom, front den
Hard-top awning, premium site with double driveway
Includes: TV, DVD player, outdoor dining set, BBQ, outdoor rug and wicker furniture, most kitchen items, lawn mower, most items in shed (example: all appliances, mini-fridge), wood box
Excludes: wooden rocking chair, personal items, bikes, beach items and personal tools
Available: August 30th, 2019


1997 Nortthlander Classic 12 x 40 Back Bedroom, Front Den.  Replace roof 3 years ago
Includes:  daybed, tabel & chairs, cabinet, chair & couch, T.V., A/C, microwave, gazebos & shed.
Excluded:  Patio furniture, no outside table and chairs.


2003 Northlander Classic 12 x 40  + Hard Awning
Back Bedroom, Front Den



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